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Dr. Sylvia Lim-Tio

Dr Sylvia Lim-Tio is the newest staff specialist in the Department of Diabetes and Endocrinology at Westmead Hospital, joining in 2012.   She graduated from the University of Melbourne, with the Jamieson Prize for clinical medicine, and trained as an endocrinologist in Melbourne and the UK.  Her postdoctoral research examined molecular mechanisms in nuclear receptor action [Mineralocorticoid/ Glucocorticoid receptor action (adrenals, Monash University), for which she was joint recipient of an Endocrine Society of Australia award]; and Estrogen Receptor action (Cancer UK).]

Her clinical interests include endocrine cancers,  female endocrinology, and the provision of integrated endocrine care,  bridging the transition between paediatric care to adulthood; and therafter with fertility, preconception planning and during pregnancy, with reference to the specific needs in different phases of life.  These include the management of endocrine disorders common to transition including polycystic ovarian syndrome, pubertal, pituitary, congenital adrenal hyperplasia, thyroid, Turner’s syndrome as well as type I Diabetes.


Dr Lim-Tio supervises the Inpatient Diabetes Management Service (IDMS), a new initiative of the Department of Diabetes and Endocrinology and of Westmead Hospital, which offers an early management service for diabetes care in inpatients at Westmead Hospital, including referrals from preadmission clinics preoperatively, during their inpatient stay and post discharge review prior to transition back their own physicians.  The service aims to make diabetes management services and advice accessible to all, and accepts referrals from allied health, junior as well as senior staff.  The service is also involved in education, analysing and developing protocols and e-systems that can be used for diabetes care throughout the hospital.   


Dr Lim-Tio is also involved in the provision of diabetes and endocrine clinics for preconception, pregnancy and post partum care; the Diabetes Pump Clinic, and the late effects clinic for screening and diagnosis of endocrine disorders in cancer survivors- also a new multi-disciplinary initiative at Westmead Hospital. 


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